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Grade A HOTPOINT BI WMHG 71483 UK N Integrated 7 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine(BB3030)

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Please note that the product you are viewing is graded and may have cosmetic marks. We recommend checking the pictures before making your purchase. Rest assured, the product still comes with a manufacturer warranty. If you require any further information, please feel free to call us on 0330 124 6527.

Key Features

Product Overview

Muddy trousers have met their match with this Hotpoint washing machine. Its handy programmes send dirt packing – Active Care mixes the water and detergent together before soaking your clothes, while Anti-Stain uses clever drum movements to get rid of grub. Back from a long walk and heading for the couch? Don’t worry about the machine drowning out your movie – the PRO-Inverter motor keeps everything extra quiet. So, you can grab a brew and relax with that romcom, knowing your hiking clothes are taken care of.

Wait, there's more…
•Anti-Stain Quick Wash – Programme removes stains fast
•Rapid 30 – Give clothes a quick once-over in 30 minutes
•Wool Cycle – Fabric care for delicate woollen items

A quiet cycle for relaxing evenings

With the PRO-Inverter motor, you’ll never have loud spins interrupting film nights again. It uses magnets to generate power, rather than traditional brushes, so it’s quiet in operation and super durable. Now you can relax without a washer killing the vibe and take it easy knowing the machine will stand the test of time.

Stains have met their match

Think stain removal means high temperatures and never-ending wash cycles? Think again. Hotpoint’s clever Active Care works with a bunch of other programmes on your machine to remove more than a whopping 100 stains at just 20 degrees – meaning it's gentle on fabrics too. It mixes water and detergent together before releasing it into the drum and letting it loose on the laundry. So, you’ll always have spotless clothes no matter what.

Lift stains to revive clothes

Thanks to Hotpoint Anti-Stain, your favourite outfit can be restored to its former glory. It banishes the most common stains with a combination of the perfect drum movement, temperature and amount of water. So, the good news is, you won’t need to spend time pre-treating your laundry to get rid of wine spills or saucy splatters before throwing it in the wash.

Give stains the special treatment

Get those whites spotless again in just 45 minutes with Hotpoint’s Anti-Stain cycle. It releases a cleaning foam into the drum to remove 30 of the most common household stains, from coffee to ketchup. So, no matter what life throws at you, you’ll have perfectly clean laundry.

Get quick results when you need them most

If you’re short on time, the Rapid 30 programme is your new best friend. If your clothes just need a refresh, it'll have them ready to dry in just half an hour. It'll come in handy when you realise your work shirts aren't clean at 6pm on a Sunday evening. We've all done it.

Fabric care for your woollies

Hotpoint’s Wool Care program takes good care of your winter woollies. It uses a gentle wash to protect the shape of your jumpers, hats, scarves and other items, so they come out looking as good as new. Now, you won’t have to worry about anything being out of shape.

Measuring up tips

This is a built-in washing machine, designed to be fitted into your kitchen with a cupboard door attached to it. Just make sure you measure the space where you want the washing machine to live and add 3cm onto the depth to make sure there’s enough space for the pipes needed to connect the appliance. Learn more with our guide.



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